Sound of Data

2022 – with Valery Vermeulen

Live visuals for sound of data project.


2021 – with Valery Vermeulen

Mikromedas is a data-driven musical project in which compositions are elaborated using data stemming from space and deep space and astrophysical simulation models. The project originally started in 2014 as a work commissioned by the Dutch Electronic Art Festival (DEAF Festival) held in Rotterdam.

For the realisation of the project totally new approaches and visions are being developed how to use astrophysical data and models as new tools for artistic creation and live performance.

Early Morning Distortion


In Early Morning Distortion algorithms are used to create three dimensional paintings. The painting are created and destroyed. The performer moves through the painting creating new image and sound. Early morning is created after a period of insomnia. In the piece i try to put the feelings of not being able to sleep into image and sound. Creating distorted images with entangled lines to portray not knowing what to do when everybody else is asleep.

Boot, Work, Reboot

2018 – With Marlinde Vos

Boot, Work, Reboot is a collaboration with dancer and motion artist Marlinde Vos. In Boot, Work, Reboot the movements of performer Marlinde Vos are converted into sound and visuals. Movement is recorded and transformed into image. Actor and image getting merged over time. Eventually the actor breaks loose from the chains of the screen. Eventually finding peace with the system. Inspiration for the work comes from sci-fi and horror, with lots of unnecessary oscilloscopes

Torens, Perspectief en Vervorming (Towers, Perspective and Distortion)


In Torens Perspectief en Vervorming(Towers, Perspective and Distortion) The spectator is moved through a landscape. From the fog arise sounding towers. Over time more towers appear creating a wall of towers and sound. Above the towers arise constellations that move and explode destroying the world beneath. Slowly the constellations start to merge and become one. After everything is merged the universe dies and the cycle starts again.

White Object


In the piece white object, lines are created and unified in the centre of the screen. Each line has its own sound. Over time lines collide and become unified. When all lines are unified they break down again. By adding and combining lines new shapes will appear and different textures of sound will be created. As lines collide they interfere with eachother merging sound and image. Creating and destroying in an endless cycle.



Shatterpoint is a composition based on the flocking behavior of bird. By using simple rules interesting patterns and movement is created. In the composition every entity has it own sound. Sound is generated based on the force of the entity. The composition is made by taking the parameters of the flocking simulation and setting them past their boundaries.



Cycle is a composition based on the golden ratio. This ratio is found all over nature in plants, animals and insects. In this composition spheres are placed in space according to the golden ratio. Every sphere has it own sound. As more spheres are put into space patterns and harmonies start to come together. When the system can’t handle more input it starts to collapse into itself eventually deleting everything that is created.